Washington, DC
by Bic Vu
May 21 is World Diversity Day, a celebration of culture as a way to promote diversity.
Blog, Featured · May 21, 2018
by Blake Wilton
Events, Featured, Scholarship · March 29, 2018
by Claire Blaustein
Alisha Ramos is the founder and CEO of "Girls’ Night In," and as someone who recently made the transition to company founder, Alisha seemed like the perfect person to moderate an AIGA DC panel of women entrepreneurs, "Founding Mothers." She talked with AIGA DC about her road to starting and running a business, practicing self-care, and the give-and-take of advice.
Blog, Featured · March 14, 2018
by Puneet Kaur and Claire Blaustein
This year’s AIGA 50 judges bring a huge breadth of not just design expertise, but life experience. In a conversation with AIGA DC, they shared some of what they’ve learned with us.
Blog, Featured · March 6, 2018
by Claire Blaustein and Lara Key
Blog, Featured, Q&A · February 12, 2018
by Steve Fultz
More than a beauty contest, the 15th biennial AIGA 50 competition celebrates design that makes an impact. Submit your work by February 23 for your chance to be part of DC design history!
Blog, Featured · January 24, 2018
by Maeg Keane
Congratulations to our AIGA DC Fellow for 2018, Dan Banks! Dan Banks has been an active AIGA DC member for many years, including serving as chapter president.
Blog, Featured · December 11, 2017
by Claire Blaustein
Before coming to DC to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Design Continuum Fund, Randall talked with us about transitions in the scholarship, his career and the future of the design world.
Blog, Featured · November 13, 2017
by Claire Blaustein
Blog, Featured · October 19, 2017