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Joining the AIGA DC Board of Directors

AIGA DC is run by an all-volunteer board of local members, composed of working designers, creatives and media professionals. We are a motivated, passionate group of working creative professionals who help shape and give back to the creative community in the DMV.

The nomination and application period for the board will open soon! 

The deadline to apply is April 23, 2023.

 Review the Roles & Expectations: Coming soon

Serving on the Board

Being a member of the AIGA DC Board means being an ambassador for AIGA to members and non-members.

Joining the AIGA DC Board is a two-year commitment. You can also serve for longer than that (and many do). At the end of each year, Board members can decide if they want to keep their current role, or move to another open position.

Specific responsibilities vary depending on the team and the role, but all Board members are expected to:

  • Be (or become) members of AIGA members in good standing at any level. 
  • Attend all required planning retreats and monthly board meetings
  • Attend major events (bonus: board members get into all our events for free!)
  • Be responsive on Slack and email (Slack is our main communications platform)

The weekly time commitment varies across roles and throughout the year.

Who We’re Looking For

New AIGA DC Board members are trained for their specific roles at our mandatory local board retreat in the summer, and receive guidance throughout the year from more-tenured board members. So what we’re looking for is people with valuable soft skills — teamwork, communication, flexibility, patience, time management and motivation.

Board members do not need to be designers, but should have an interest in supporting the creative community. Past board members have been writers, engineers, development or fundraising specialists, project managers, and business owners.

It’s important to our chapter that the AIGA DC Board be diverse and represent the DC design community. We aim to have a Board with diversity in industry, age, gender, professional experience, race, background, education, income, physical ability and more. However, nominees are not required to offer this information.

Review the Roles & Expectations: Coming soon

The Nomination and Application Process

For details about the 2023 nomination process, check out the blog post.

Nominations and applications open in the spring — we make an announcement through social media and our email newsletter. Everyone who is interested in joining the board fills out an application.

Before the application deadline, we hold an information session to explain more about what it means to be a part of the board.

Applications are reviewed by a nominating committee made up of board members and members of our community. 

Selected applicants will meet with members of the nominating committee for an interview, and then the committee recommends new board members.

They take into account individual skills and experience, and look to create a board that is personally and professionally diverse, and reflects the community it represents.