Join the Board

AIGA DC is run by an all-volunteer board of local members, comprised of working designers, creatives and media professionals. To date, all DC board members have been solicited by nominations, often recruited after volunteering for an event or serving on a committee.

By nominating yourself or someone else, you can help guide the activities of our chapter!

Serving on the Board

Being a board member means being an  one must be an ambassador for AIGA to members and non-members.

Our boardies serve as members or leaders of one of our teams – currently, Education, Strategic Initiatives, Operations, Communications, Programming, and Membership & Community.

We serve for a two-year term, and can stay on longer. At the end of each year, boardies can decide if they want to keep their current role, or move to another open position.

Specific responsibilities vary depending on the team and the role, but all board members are expected to:

  • Be members of AIGA in good standing at the Supporting level or higher
  • Attend monthly board meetings, with a strong preference for in-person attendance
  • Attend major events (bonus: board members get into all our events for free!)
  • Be responsive on Slack and email
  • Chair at least one program, or work directly with a supervisory board member, during your first year

What We’re Looking For

Our needs vary every year but we may tap new board members to help with event planning, operations, communications, development/sponsorship, or our strategic initiatives.

Board members do not necessarily need to be designers, but will have an interest in supporting the design community. Board members have been writers, web developers, development or fundraising specialists, project managers, and business owners.

AIGA DC board members get some training specific to their roles at our new board member on-boarding session in the summer and throughout the year with guidance of more senior board members. Because of this, our search focuses on candidates with valuable soft skills (teamwork, communication, flexibility, patience, time management, motivation).

It’s important to our chapter that the AIGA DC board be diverse and represent the DC design community. We aim to have a board with diversity in industry, age, gender, professional experience, race, background, education, income, physical ability, and more.

The Nomination Process

You can nominate yourself, or someone else.

Nominations open in the spring — we make an announcement through social media and our email newsletter. The initials nomination is pretty simple, just filling out a form and taking about why you or your nominee would be interested in serving on the board.

A mandatory information session will be held for all nominees. (We do our best to coordinate the schedules of all nominees.)

After the session, a nominating committee will review nominees and recommend new board members. Per DC chapter bylaws, the committee will take into account the professional diversity of the membership and the need to represent the interests of the entire chapter membership.