Event Recordings Archive

We’re happy to maintain to our Event Recordings Archive – a growing collection of workshops, demos & discussions from DC-area design professionals.

We started the archive with a collection of events from Fall 2020, including a large set from DC Design Week 2020

Though not every event will be available as a recording, we’ll continue adding as many as possible to the archive throughout the year. 

Access to the recordings is a benefit of AIGA membership. Visit the archive page to sign in with you AIGA account and see all the videos!

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Questions or Suggestions? Contact us through talktous@dc.aiga.org

Helpful Features

Chapter Markers

We’ve identified key moments you can jump ahead to (desktop only).

Speed Viewing

Vroom. Vroom. Watch up to 2x speed (desktop only).

Closed Captions

Some videos have closed captions, and we’re working to add captions to the rest.