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AIGA DC is thrilled to partner with ARTECHOUSE DC, a pioneering institution that fosters a profound connection between its audience and the limitless possibilities of technology, science, and creativity through immersive experiences. We found a strong connection in our shared mission to ignite inspiration, educate, and empower our community. 

Through this exciting partnership, we aim to provide our local community with an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the exceptional exhibits at ARTECHOUSE with a generous 20% discount on your ticket!

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Currently exhibiting – Beyond The Light

ARTECHOUSE, a pioneer in innovative, experiential art and the leading contemporary art space dedicated exclusively to technology-based art, is pleased to announce the DC premiere of Beyond the Light. The transformative exhibition fuses artistic expression, technology, and science to explore the knowledge we have discovered on our journey as a civilization, using light as our guide. Developed in collaboration with NASA, the cinematic exhibition is a science-based artistic exploration of NASA’s remarkable discoveries, including the latest images from the Hubble Space Telescope and James Webb Space Telescope, which are brought to the public for the first time as an original artistic expression through unprecedented detailed depth and widest color spectrum of ARTECHOUSE’s 270-degree, 100 million pixels projection canvas. 

The exhibition leverages the latest audio-visual technology and genre-bending approach to expressing ideas to reimagine NASA’s scientific processes and discoveries. Throughout the exhibition’s development, ARTECHOUSE Studio worked with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the James Webb Space Telescope Mission team at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), and Johns Hopkins University’s William H. Miller III Department of Physics & Astronomy. ARTECHOUSE participated in ongoing working sessions with NASA’s team of leading experts, including astrophysicists, heliophysicists, and NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio.

The exhibition anchors on a 26-minute cinematic journey of how we have experienced light over time, presented in today’s highest-resolution projection technology and multidimensional spatial audio system to deliver a feast for the senses. With the exquisite universe as its backdrop, Beyond the Light highlights the importance of light in our pursuit of knowledge and the evolution of technology that allows us to discover beyond our known experiences. It spotlights James Webb Space Telescope’s perspective-bending discoveries of our early galaxies, transforming six captivating images Cosmic Cliffs, Tarantula Nebula, L1527, Cassiopeia A, Stephan’s Quintet, and Pillars

“Beyond the Light is equal parts knowledge and imagination, aiming to create an audio-visual experience that bypasses verbalized storytelling, making a lasting impression at the visceral level,” said Riki Kim, ARTECHOUSE’s Executive Creative Director. “Our goal is to catalyze the audience’s imagination and inspire them with the possibilities of the beyond.”


Beyond The Light runs until December 13, 2023. ARTECHOUSE DC is open daily 10:00 AM  to 10:00 PM. ARTECHOUSE DC’s XR Bar is open Daily from 11:00 AM to close. Buy your ticket now!


An innovative leader in the field of digital and experiential art, ARTECHOUSE expands the possibilities of art and how we experience it through cutting-edge technology-driven exhibitions and experiences. ARTECHOUSE connects progressive ideas, artists, and audiences to stimulate innovation and creativity at the intersection of art, science, and technology. What started as the nation’s first digital art space is now a home, online and off, for technology-driven art innovation, with a mission to empower and fund the creation of new, experiential, and exploratory art forms that make an impact.

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Published November 7, 2023