Volunteer Spotlight – May Park

Our Volunteer Spotlight series focuses on the incredible volunteers who make AIGA DC’s work possible. Find out more about volunteering and sign up to get involved here. This week we’re featuring May Park.

May Portrait

Tell us a little about your design career and the work you do.

I’m a UX designer at iHeartRadio, where I craft experiences across platforms such as websites, mobile apps, TV, and cars to give users companionship using the power of audio. My design journey started with a graphic design background in college. In my Junior year, I had a great UX design internship at the Amtrak headquarters in DC, which paved the way for my UX design career. As a UX designer, I enjoy creating impactful designs that bridge user and business needs.


How did you first get interested in design?

As a child, I loved tinkering with Photoshop and creating cool GIFs of the K-pop idols I was following. As I spent more time with Photoshop, I began watching tutorials to make fun graphics and express my creativity.

What inspired you to volunteer for AIGA DC?

I’ve been following AIGA DC and learning from their programs such as DC Design Week, events, and workshops. AIGA is truly a great resource for creatives to connect with the local design community and learn from professionals in various industries. As a designer who values community and collaboration, I wanted to contribute to the design community in DC.


What projects or events have you volunteered on?

I volunteered for the SHINE mentoring program, a four-month program that connects mentors and mentees in the DMV design community for collaborative projects. I designed the mentor and mentee guidebook as part of the volunteer committee. Special thanks to Natalia Celine Arias, the program chair, for her great collaboration and feedback during the guidebook creation. Working on the SHINE mentoring program was truly an amazing experience.

Why should other people volunteer with AIGA DC?

It is truly rewarding to contribute to the growth of creative individuals while utilizing your design skills. It’s a great opportunity to collaborate with other volunteers and create meaningful work that fosters the growth of the design community.

What most excites you about design?

I like how you can transform ideas into any form of design. For instance, I wanted to connect with other international students at my college, being an international student myself. With that idea, I self-published a magazine sharing my conversations with other international students from different countries. Just like this, you can turn your ideas into anything, whether it’s a book, website, or even a performance. I love how there is no limit.


What’s your favorite design tool?

I like using Figma for its engaging community and resources for self-learning. I’ve also been experimenting with 3D design tools like Spline.

What other hobbies or creative pursuits do you enjoy?

I love hanging out with my lovely two cats and exploring different restaurants in the vibrant food scene of the DMV area.

Where are your favorite places to find creativity and inspiration around the DMV area?

I really love visiting museums in DC. One of the many reasons I enjoy living in the DMV area is the accessibility to all the diverse museums. I recharge my creativity by going to the museums and immersing myself in the space. 



By Stephanie Rudig
Published June 11, 2024