Featured Member: Nadia Batchelor

Our Featured Member series highlights the amazing people who make up AIGA DC. If you’d like to nominate yourself or someone else to be spotlighted, sign up here. First up: UX UI designer Nadia Batchelor. 

Tell us a little about your design career and the work you do.

I have a background in Graphic Design and UX UI Design and work on a vast array of projects, from web design to printed media, from motion design to 3D. I love it all. My work ranges from several sectors: tech, nonprofits, and the medical industry. After receiving my Graphic Design degree from George Mason University and my UX UI design Certification from George Washington University, I have enjoyed integrating all design aspects into my work.

How did you first get interested in design?

As a child, I would spend my free time drawing and looking through interior design magazines. When I was old enough, my parents gave me a camera, so I started capturing photos of my family and friends. By the time I enrolled in university, I had created my own freelance photography business, and the natural progression was graphic design.

What’s a piece of design that’s stuck with you or inspired you?

A piece of design that stuck with me and continues to inspire me is a design book called Packaged for Life: Scent. It is a gorgeous book with beautiful examples of product photography and packaging design. I reference it often when creating mockups.

What most excites you about design?

I enjoy seeing a concept come to life from scratch. Seeing my designs affect people’s lives drives me to advocate for the things I’m most passionate about. I believe that producing and consuming art and design is one of the most uniquely human experiences, and I enjoy being a part of that relationship.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

My favorite project so far is a passion project of mine where I manufactured the name, brand identity, and product design for a fashion house that produces gender-neutral clothing and fragrances. I adored the project partly because it required using many design elements: 3D design, logo design, brand identity, and motion design. It also allowed me to shed light on a group of individuals that are underrepresented in the market.

What’s your dream project?

The best projects usually involve the best people and a good cause. I would love to work on a project that requires web design and 3D design with an agency I deeply respect.

Who’s your creative role model?

My favorite designer is Paula Scher. Her level of precision and pride in her design is admirable. I also admire Jessica Walsh’s work for its use of color. These women have paved the way for other young female designers, inspiring me to one day do the same.

 What’s your favorite design tool?

I can’t choose a favorite, but I have recently used Illustrator and Figma more frequently. I’ve also been experimenting with Blender and other 3D software.

What other hobbies or creative pursuits do you enjoy?

I love playing tennis, listening to music, and photography when I have the time.

Where do you find creativity and inspiration around the DMV area?

I find a lot of inspiration in photography and design books from Wonder Book. They are located in Maryland and have a beautiful collection of vintage books and magazines. I also find inspiration from my friends and peers.

Are there any local designers/creatives whom you admire?

There are so many local designers/creatives that I admire. Many participate in AIGA. The ones that first come to mind are Lanie Robinson and Victoria Gillerlain. They are both graphic designers with whom I went to school and are thriving in the industry. Some of my favorite mentors are Jim Van Meer and Ana Tobin, who are fantastic designers and have provided me with insight and guidance in the design world.

Portfolio: https://nadabdesigns.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nadabdesigns/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadiabatchelor/
Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/nadtato

By Stephanie Rudig
Published March 22, 2024