Level Up with AKQA

With over 2 billion players worldwide, video games are now a 100-billion-dollar global industry. They have made a remarkable impact on technology, entertainment, pop-culture, and yes, even politics. But behind every blockbuster title, there’s a small army working tirelessly to brand and market it. Join AKQA as they share their point-of-view and work from the inside of this highly creative and extremely competitive industry. From design to storytelling and from concept to execution, you will learn first-hand from the people working on some of your favorite and most iconic games.

About AKQA
AKQA is an ideas and innovation company. We exist to create the future for our clients.

About AIGA’s Office Hours Series
Office Hours is an ongoing series and informal discussion held in a local creative space. We aim to create a time and space for designers and creatives to discuss design outside of the lecture format and meet with creative professionals in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

When & Where
Wed, Jan 17, 2018 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST
3299 K Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20007