Journey: A Roundtable & Panel Discussion

When asking someone about their career, we always want to know: what is that one thing, that piece of good advice, that open door, that freak chance, that got them to where they are today. But we know that it’s never really just one thing.

For this event we’re bringing together emerging and seasoned designers to talk about the whole journey to success in the creative industry.

First, you’ll break into roundtable discussions facilitated by practicing professionals to ask and maybe answer pressing career questions. Then we’ll all come together for a panel discussion with local creative leaders in the branding, digital design, and fashion industries. They’ll talk about how they got to where they are, give advice on how to succeed in a creative industry, and answer audience questions.

Event Panelists:
Greg Spraker, Senior Art Director at Grafik.
Virginia Arrisueño, Founder/Creative Director at DeNada.
Kojo Boateng, Creative Lead at Dynaxys.
Soung Wiser, Founder/Creative Director at The General Design Co. 

Panel moderated by:
Nathan Hill, Partner and Design Lead at SpaethHill and design educator at GWU Corcoran.

About AIGA EMERGE Awareness Week
AIGA EMERGE  is designed to engage emerging designers in the first five years of their careers - whether it’s their first career or a new direction.
EMERGE Awareness Week is happening nationwide from September 24 through October 3. The EMERGE Initiative is a tailored experience to engage with emerging designers with up to five years of experience in the field. EMERGE aims to provide content within the areas of employment, growth, leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills. #aigaemerge

Design Continuum Fund

A portion of the proceeds from this event goes to the AIGA DC Design Continuum Fund (DCF) scholarship. DCF is celebrating 10 years of fostering the next generation of designers through helping local design-minded and underrepresented students as they pursue their education.

Many thanks to our event supporter:
Our sincerest gratitude goes out to HP. As a supporter of the creative community, HP empowers emerging designers and seasoned professional alike. Utilizing their Innovation Labs and technology, they are elevating the user experience and engagement in all aspects of labels, packaging, graphic design, photography, signage, display, and many more.

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When & Where
Wed, Oct 3, 2018 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT
2055 L St NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036