Designing for Social Justice with Rose Jaffe & Tré Seals

Have you ever wondered how you could activate your talent for social justice? Join AIGA DC for a panel discussion on art, design and activism with dynamic local artists, Rose Jaffe and Tré Seals, as they share with you what motivates them and how you can use your talents, too.

Rose Jaffe creates mural painting, ceramics, printmaking, and digital illustration. Her work is vibrant with themes of activism, natural healing and spiritual grounding.

Tré Seals founded the diversity-driven type foundry Vocal Type. Inspired by the lack of diversity in the graphic design. Each typeface highlights history from a different underrepresented aspect of society.

Graphics designed by Jenni Green.


Rose Jaffe is a visual artist, with mediums spanning mural painting, ceramics, printmaking, and digital illustration. Born and raised in the nation’s capital, Rose earned her BFA at the The University of Michigan and has pursued a creative career full time after teaching middle and high school art in the city. She has painted over 30 murals nationally and internationally, including over 20 in D.C. Her art has been featured in over fifteen publications, including the Washington Post, City Paper, NBC and CNN among others. Her work is vibrant and often playful, with themes of political activism, natural healing and spiritual grounding. She is dedicated to harnessing the power of art to find connections, build community, spark conversation and create social change.

Find her work at Rose Inks.

Tré Seals is a multidisciplinary designer and founder. After graduating in 2015 with a degree in Visual Communication Design, Seals went on to open his brand consultancy (2015-2020) known as Studio Seals. Through Studio Seals, he had the opportunity to work with over 250 partners, ranging from small startups to national and global brands (2015-2020). In 2016, he founded a diversity-driven type foundry known as Vocal Type. Inspired by the lack of diversity in the graphic design industry, each typeface highlights a piece of history from a different underrepresented race, ethnicity, or gender—from the Women's Suffrage Movement in Argentina to the Civil Rights Movement in America and beyond. Now 28, Seals has been named an Ascender by the Type Directors Club, a Young Gun by the One Club for Creativity, and a Black Design Visionary by Instagram and the Brooklyn Museum.

Pre-order Tré's book, Dream in Color: 30 Posters of Power by 30 Black Creatives.


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Design Continuum Fund

Proceeds from this event will go to the AIGA DC Design Continuum Fund (DCF) scholarship, fostering the next generation of designers through helping local design-minded and underrepresented students as they pursue their education.

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When & Where
Wed, May 18, 2022 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM EDT