DC Type Hunt

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How it works:

Each day during Design Week 2015 we challenge you to hunt for a specific type style to photograph for inclusion in our DCDW Type Hunt. Our goal is to highlight the diverse typography in the DC Metro Area (that includes you Virginia and Maryland!) by showcasing type throughout the regions that make up our chapter!

We encourage you to search your neighborhood, town or city for letterforms on buildings, signage, manhole covers, graffiti art, your home, public displays, etc. But not just any style—each day you will search for something specific. We ask that you use Instagram to photograph your letter and use three designated hashtags, so your type find can be displayed above. Contribute as many photos as you like—the more the better! Let’s see what we can all create together.

By the end of Design Week we will have a dynamic, ever-changing look at typography representative of the AIGA DC design community!

NOTE: Your Instagram account must be public for your letters to show up.



Here are the details:

Sunday, October 18

Photograph (Instagram): “Ghost Signs” in your region

Ghost Signs
Hashtags: #DCDW #DCTypeHunt #TypeHuntGhostSigns

Monday, October 19

Photograph (Instagram): “House Numbers” in your region

House Numbers
Hashtag: #DCDW #DCTypeHunt #TypeHuntHouseNumbers

Tuesday, October 20

Photograph (Instagram): “Graffiti” in your region

Hashtag: #DCDW #DCTypeHunt #TypeHuntGraffiti

Wednesday, October 21

Photograph (Instagram): Any letters “D,C,W” in your region

Hashtag: #DCDW #DCTypeHunt #TypeHuntDCDW

Thursday, October 22

Photograph (Instagram): “Handmade Type” in your region

Hashtag: #DCDW #DCTypeHunt #TypeHuntHandmade

Friday, October 23

Photograph (Instagram): “Wayfinding Signage” in your region

Hashtag: #DCDW #DCTypeHunt #TypeHuntWayfinding

Saturday, October 24

Photograph (Instagram): “Engraved Type”

Hashtag: #DCDW #DCTypeHunt #TypeHuntEngraved

We encourage anyone to join us who loves public art and exploring the city!

When & Where
Sun, Oct 18, 2015 - Sat, Oct 24, 2015