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Hiring in Tech: Equitable Practices

Thu, Apr 27, 2017 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Vox Media
1201 Connecticut Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20036

AIGA DC and Color Coded present Hiring in Tech: Equitable Practices, a panel event about finding and retaining talent. The hiring process presents its challenges, whether you are the applicant or in charge of discovering the next person to join your team. 

As a hiring manager, how do you balance the need to fill a role quickly with the desire to find the right person? More importantly, how do you ensure new hires aren't affected by isolation, discrimination or toxic work environments? As an applicant, what signals alert you to whether you'd really be fulfilled and respected at a potential workplace?

Join David Dao, Alisha Ramos, and Ced Funches as we dive into this lively yet practical discussion moderated by Jessica Bell. Hiring in Tech: Equitable Practices is part of the Color Coded series. Those of you who have participated in the Color Coded initiative will know this event is not to be missed!

Free for AIGA Sustaining, Design Leader, and Trustee members
$5.00 for AIGA Contributor and Supporter members
$10.00 for Friends/Non-members


We are grateful to Vox Media, Inc. for sponsoring this event.


To become an AIGA DC member, go to http://www.aiga.org/join.

A portion of the proceeds will support AIGA DC Design Continuum Fund scholarship, helping launch the next generation of designers.

Maeg Keane & Kimberly Arias


Jessica Bell works as a developer for The Washington Post, primarily on front end and JavaScript projects. She holds a degree in International Relations from San Fransisco State. Jessica sits on the leadership teams for DC Tech Meetup and DCFemTech and is an active member of Women Who Code DC. She teaches at General Assembly throughout the year classes helping people learn the basics of code and web development. Her current project is DC Tech Stories, a podcast about local tech workers.


David Dao is the Creative Director at Capital One which means he designs experiences to help people answer “Am I okay?” when it comes to their finances. In his spare time, he tries to figure out humblebrags for his video game achievements.

Alisha Ramos is a Designer at Nava PBC, a technology company helping our government build better services for Americans. Alisha is also the Founder of Girls' Night In, a company helping busy millennial women take a fun and meaningful break. Girls' Night In sends a weekly Friday newsletter. Alisha has many years' experience working in technology and product design. Previously, she was a Design Director at Vox Media where she led a team of engineers and designers and helped launch the branded content business. In 2015, DCFemTech named her one of DC's Most Powerful Women Programmers. Her research on technology and venture capital has been published in Forbes and Mic.com, and she has written on media and technology for Nieman Lab. In a former life, she worked as a brand strategy consultant at Prophet, a global consulting firm, working with several Fortune 500 companies. Alisha graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and History.

Ced Funches is the Executive Design Director at Vox Media. He started his first company when he was 19 and has since worked as a design director and marketing executive in professional sports, video games and higher education industries. He designed and founded Schooold, which helps bring financial literacy to professional athletes. Ced also writes about design, education and how designers can reach diverse audiences at scale but above all, he is a first time dad.


Color Coded is an initiative and a community for people of color in the tech industry and other creative fields. Through a series of thoughtfully designed events, Color Coded strives to uplift people of color as they gain the tools, the skills, and the network they want to get that promotion, run a business, or simply feel the power of knowledge.

All events will be collaborative, pedagogical, and incorporate a self-care component. Topics and themes will go from code, to entrepreneurship, to any creative skill imaginable.

The Color Coded initiative is sponsored by Vox Media Inc. It was started by Pam Assogba, a Full Stack Engineer at Vox. You can read more about why she created this initiative here.